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Prospective Member Definition

A prospective member agrees with the mission of EDUCATE and is interested in homeschooling.

Means of Communication

Active members discuss home learning, communicate and plan activities primarily through an e-group internet site http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homelearn/. As a prospective member, you have access to only the home page of the e-group site; therefore questions about the group and communication regarding events need to occur via direct e-mail and/or telephone with persons on the membership committee or with a current active member. See contact information below.


EDUCATE has a group board and council responsible for various group business interests such as volunteering, promotions, and accounting. Group business is discussed at monthly meetings and is open to prospective members.

Membership Requirements

EDUCATE is a cooperative group that depends upon the help of all members. All active members are required to coordinate at least two activities a year, one-time offerings or recurring, for the group and maintain involvement with EDUCATE in some way on a monthly basis.


Examples of some of our current offerings are educational cooperatives, chess club, field trips, park days, mom’s night out, and a yearly recognition ceremony. Some activities are free and others have some cost involved. Prospective members shall attend at least two group events within 2 months time prior to becoming an active member.


EDUCATE assesses yearly dues for the purpose of administrative costs, advertising costs and EDUCATE sponsored events. Dues are non-refundable.

Becoming Active

If, after attending at least two events, you have decided to join EDUCATE, please contact the group accountant to arrange for the payment of your dues. Once your payment is received, you will be added to the group site, assigned a Contact Buddy and receive a Member Handbook.