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This is a list of math curricula that have been used and reccomended by E.D.U.C.A.T.E. members.

Curriculum offers through highschool math.

Singapore Math

K12 Independence math course
Book is Sadlier-Oxford's Progress in Mathematics, California Edition. This is a good book by itself, but with the K12 program, all lesson plans, worksheets, and assessments are included and accessible either online or by hard copy and manipulatives are included in your kit. A skills update starts each lesson and helps kids review what they have already learned. Each lesson has a short set of practice problems from the book and then a lesson assessment. Unit and semester comprehensive assessents are included as a part of the K12 curriculm.

Saxon Math
I have used this program from the beginning, starting with Math K. This year we are starting Math 45, and I still like it! All of the lesson plans are prepared, so I don't need to worry if I have prepared for the lesson ahead of time or not. I also like that the program continues throughout high school, so I shouldn't have to worry about changing programs in the future.

Abeka Math
Colorful, fun pages and lots of variety.