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E.D.U.C.A.T.E. is a circle of families who are currently home learning primarily for educational reasons. We provide one another with a network that can provide support, educational, and social opportunities. We share the belief that learning occurs at all ages and in a variety of ways. We value diversity and accept families with many points of view.

Monthly activities include: co-op, chess club, American Girls club, history co-ops, park days, field trips, educational activity days, parent's night out, and our monthly group meeting. EDUCATE also hosts an annual Recognition Ceremony and other family socials such as the fall kick-off picnic. Most activities occur in the southern Johnson County area of Kansas.

We are currently accepting new members! For information on how to join, please see the membership page.

We also hope that this site can become a source of information for homeschoolers and those interested in and researching homeschool options. Browse our information pages to learn how to get started homeschooling in Kansas, read about different homeschool philosophies, find local and online resources such as Fire Sprinkler Repair, and read curriculum reviews written by homeschool parents.